In 2008 the digital agency Akavit was created by bringing together a team of passionately creative technology experts in an environment where the best and brightest could thrive. That tradition continues as Akavit merges with PLUSONE ONLINE to become a game changer for medium and large businesses looking to take that next leap forward.

Over the past ten years, we’ve actively participated in the transformation of the global Digital Marketing landscape – from bloated and verbose to elegant and effective. Our standard of beauty includes efficacy, durability and return on investment.

Our Process

With our experience comes a significant reduction in project risk. We have a proven process and robust technical knowledge, which has resulted in a track record of successful projects delivered on time and on budget. Our technical architects and developers all have broad backgrounds working on enterprise-level, complex software engineering projects for such companies as Microsoft, IBM, Qwest, Avaya, US Bank, and Oracle


We bridge the gap between a traditional design agency and a modern digital marketing agency. We deliver technical solutions that are on par with the best digital marketing companies, while taking into account your strategic, marketing and business objectives to create big ideas for you. PLUSONE was built around digital marketing from the ground up. For us, it’s in our DNA.


Not gut feelings. Although what we do is both an art and a science, we strongly believe that decisions should have some scientific basis. For example, when we architect a site’s user experience, we utilize industry best practices along with our own research. Then our strategy is tested against marketing and business goals to make sure it fulfills a specific purpose.


Having a new website or marketing campaign tends to increase user engagement by virtue of being new. But we believe in properly instrumenting a sites and campaigns to provide meaningful metrics and key performance indicators. Not only does this provide a real picture of how well the project is performing relative to your goals, but allows you to make marketing and business decisions based on facts.

To journey with your organization, as we guide you through your next big web project or marking moves, is what we live for.

Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get your project started today.