Sharp Healthcare


Sharp Healthcare is San Diego’s leading healthcare provider, with nearly 3,000 physicians in their not-for-profit network.


Medicare changes happened rapidly, and a new website reflecting the regulatory changes needed to be launched prior to Open Enrollment.


New regulations required new and complex integration systems to protect patient privacy and communicate the regulatory changes clearly and effectively.


Elaborate regulatory information was simplified for patients through copy and UI layout, while staying inside of legal requirements. The new website was user-centric, improving user experience while educating them on important changes to their plans.

Sharp Healthcare was at the mercy of new federal Medicare changes and knew the project needed to be handled quickly and carefully to ensure they were in compliance.

Sharp hired PlusOne to create an entirely new website experience to reflect the regulatory changes, ensuring that one group would oversee the entire project and nothing would get lost or missed before the deadline.

The finished product communicated change both in regulation, and in highly visual, easy-to-navigate, straightforward user experience, guaranteeing that the healthcare giant was in compliance, and its patients were sufficiently educated on changes.

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